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Double up! MultiPark gets two new Vice Coordinators

Maria H Nilsson, Angela Cenci Nilsson, and Per Odin. Photo.
MultiPark's new vice coordinators Maria H Nilsson and Per Odin next to the coordinator Angela Cenci Nilsson at the MultiPark retreat in November 2023.

January 2024 is the start of a new electoral term for MultiPark’s management. While Angela Cenci Nilsson will remain the coordinator, Oskar Hansson will be replaced for the next three years. The vice coordinator's mission will be shared between a health scientist and a clinician. Maria H. Nilsson and Per Odin explain how they will contribute to leading MultiPark.

According to MultiPark’s steering document, the coordinator and assistant coordinator are appointed by the vice-chancellor for a three-year term of office. Angela Cenci Nilsson looks forward to continuing as the coordinator but earlier this year, Oskar Hansson decided not to candidate for the next electoral term, wherefore a process of finding new potential candidates started.

“This is a good decision for our research environment, all thanks to the recruitment group who came up with the brilliant idea to take advantage of both the nominee's strengths by appointing both of them as deputy coordinators,” explains the coordinator Angela Cenci Nilsson. 

From the 1st of January 2024, MultiPark will have not only one but two vice coordinators. Associate Professor Maria H. Nilsson and Professor Per Odin complement each other and the sitting coordinator, Angela Cenci Nilsson. While Angela Cenci Nilsson leads successful experimental research, Maria H. Nilsson has her background in health science and Per Odin is an active consultant physician at the neurology clinic. Together, they bridge expertise from basic molecular science to patient-oriented research and interventions in the field of neurodegenerative disorders.

I want to plan for educational activities that focus on the scope of MultiPark and align with the strategies by Lund University, tells Maria H. Nilsson.

Maria H. Nilsson is an expert in motor aspects and cognitive-motor interference in patients with Parkinson’s disease and those at risk of developing dementia. As vice coordinator, she will work with developing MultiPark’s engagement in education. The educational activities should make MultiPark an inspirational and attractive workplace.. They should also be open to societal needs, which could for example include arranging contract education. 

“I want to plan for educational activities that focus on the scope of MultiPark and align with the strategies by Lund University, particularly for the Strategic Research Areas and education. Our educational efforts should contribute to the development of a new generation of excellent researchers, who also have teaching merits within academia,” tells Maria H. Nilsson.

My work will be to further integrate MultiPark in national and international networks, says Per Odin.

Per Odin’s research is about mapping and improving the situation for the most severely ill patients with Parkinson's disease. His focus as a vice coordinator will be to develop MultiPark’s external relations, such as the cooperation between MultiPark and Rostock University. The United Neuroscience Campus is a virtual campus beyond the Lund and Rostock locations on key neuroscience topics. 

“My work will be to further integrate MultiPark in national and international networks with focus on research and education on neurodegenerative diseases. I will also work for a more active communication between MultiPark and pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, patient organisations, and research and health care political institutions,” says Per Odin.

Together with coordinator Angela Cenci Nilsson, they look forward to developing MultiPark's research, education, and external collaborations over the next three years.

“It is exciting to start a new mandate period with the support of two vice-coordinators with complementary skills and expertise. I am sure that we will do a great job for Multipark!” Ends Angela Cenci Nilsson. 

Profile photo of Angela Cenci Nilsson.

Angela Cenci Nilsson

Professor in Experimental Medical Research

angela [dot] cenci_nilsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se  

Link to Angela Cenci Nilsson's profile in the LU research portal. 


Profile photo of Per Odin.

Per Odin


per [dot] odin [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (per[dot]odin[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

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Twitter: @odin_per