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Funding opportunities

Travel Grants

MultiPark has a call to apply for travel grants. Eligible to apply for the grants are those from PhD student level and up to, but not including, the position of group leader and/or docent. Applications must be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the event taking place.

Deadlines to submit applications during 2024:
• 15 February
• 15 April
• 15 June
• 15 August
• 15 October
• 15 December

 Travel grants will be granted for virtual conferences as well.


  • Maximum two travel grants per applicant per calendar year. 
  • Maximum 18 000 SEK (including indirect costs) per applicant per calendar year regardless of destination. Maximum award for digital events is 3 000 SEK (including indirect costs).

Information about how to apply for a travel grant

Other Strategic Grants

MultiPark gives you the opportunity to obtain co-funding when inviting scientific guests to give lectures or when organizing local scientific conferences.

Information about how to apply for a strategic grant

Call for Applications to Obtain Financial Support for Innovation

It is possible to obtain financial support for innovation from MultiPark.

Information about how to apply for an innovation grant

Stacks of golden coins


Applications using the available forms (see under each type of grant).


Please see specific information for each type of grant.