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Operetta CLS

The operetta instrument. Photo.

High content screening (HCS) / Analysis (HCA) enables automated acquisition, visualization and quantification of a large number of images:

  • Automated fluorescence and brightfield microscopy
  • Widefield and confocal mode
  • Environmental control (temperature and CO2)
  • Extraction of quantitative data from intensity and area measurements
  • High through-put format

For details, see the PerkinElmer webpage.


Examples of dynamic processes that may be measured are: 

  • Migration
  • Changes in morphology, expression pattern and intensity

 Acquisition and analysis of images of:

  • Live and fixed cells
  • Subcellular targets
  • Small organisms
Photo of mouse e14 cortical neurons
Primary c57B6 neurons from mouse 19 days in vitro. 20x water immersion objective confocal mode. Photo by Isak Martinsson and Luis Quintino


Portrait photo of Anna Hammarberg

Anna Hammarberg
Research engineer

E-mail: Anna [dot] Hammarberg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 46 222 0642
Location: B1135a (lab) or B1133b (office)