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Simoa Analyzer

Photo of the Simoa washer and shaker instruments.

Quanterix SR-X Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection System
Simoa is particularly useful for measurements of biomarkers at ultra-low levels. The approach is based on the counting of thousands of single immunocomplexes in femtoliter-sized reaction chambers which are termed Simoa - Single Molecule Arrays.  Simoa uses the same reagents as conventional ELISA, but antibody capture agents are attached to the surface of paramagnetic beads that are used to concentrate a dilute solution of target molecules. The beads are loaded to discs containing arrays of femtoliter-sized wells that hold only one bead per well. In wells containing a bead with a single target molecule, the formation of an immunocomplex will result in enzymatic cleavage of a substrate, which will be converted to a fluorescent product imaged by the SR-X reader. 

The Simoa allows:

  • Single molecule array technique for high sensitivity and broad dynamic range
  • Combined digital and analog immunoassay dynamic range is >4 logs
  • A range of sample types include serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, cell extracts
  • Fexibility to design assays to detect both protein and nucleic acid biomarkers
  • Detection of nucleic acid levels, including miRNA, without PCR
  • Single and multiplex assays
  • Multiplexing up to six analytes
  • Semi-automated assay preparation using standardized benchtop devices
  • Simple 2-step or 3-step workflow with minimal user intervention
  • Low volume requirements
  • Wide menu of available kits
  • Full line of components for user-developed assays

A menu of Simoa assay kits (single plex and multiplex) will be available to measure critical biomarkers. It is also possible to request a custom designed assay.
Examples of multiplexing Simoa Assay Kits for SR-X:

  • Neurology 3-Plex A (Tau, Aß42, Aß40)
  • Neurology 4-Plex A (Tau, NF-Light, GFAP, UCH-L1)
  • Cytokine 3-Plex A NP (IL-10, IL-6, TNFα)

To learn more, visit the official Quanterix SR-X website

The Simoa is available for everyone to use.


Pilar Lorenzo
Research engineer

E-mail: pilar [dot] lorenzo [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (pilar[dot]lorenzo[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)
Location: B1113 (lab)