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Neuroscience Graduate School Seminar Series

The Neuroscience graduate school seminars are held twice a month, 12:00-13:00, at BMC, floor I13, room I1345. This is your chance to hear about the research happening in the MultiPark research environment, as well as to socialize after the presentations.

Schedule Spring 2022

  • 20 April
    Megg Garcia - "Intraneuronal Amyloid-Beta and Associated Neuroinflammatory Alterations In Early Alzheimer’s Disease" 

    Dovile Poceviciute - "Plasma IgA levels in AD patients and non-demented age-matched controls in two distinct Cohorts (antemortem and postmortem) in relation to APOE genotype and Abeta neuropathology"

    Emelie Andersson - "Reduced CSF Aβ42 and Aβ42/Aβ40 ratio during early cerebral amyloid deposition in the AppNL-F knock-in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease"
  • 4 May
    Filip Bäckström - "The effects of antigen presentation on systemic and local immune responses in an alpha-synuclein seeded model of Parkinson’s disease"

    Nicola Spotorno - "Astrocytic function is associated with both amyloid-β and tau pathology in non-demented APOE ε4 carriers"

  • 18 May
    Colin Groot - ""Diagnostic and prognostic performance to detect Alzheimer’s disease and clinical progression of a novel assay for plasma p-tau217”    

    Gemma Salvadó - "Combination of CSF biomarkers for a better prediction of Alzheimer’s disease progression”

    Rosalia Fernandez Calle - "Characterization of a novel in vitro BV2-microglial cell line overexpressing human-Apolipoprotein E isoforms"
  • 1 June 
    Atul Kumar - "Aβ-dependent and independent genetic pathways regulating CSF tau biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease"

    Laura Torres-Garcia - "Investigating the effects of human Tau on neuronal excitability in cultured neurons"

    Lautaro Belfiori - 
  • 15 June
    Sabien Konings

    Lluís Camprubí Ferrer

    Katrine Skovgård
Students listening to a talk. Photo.