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Neuroscience Graduate School Seminar Series

The Neuroscience graduate school seminars are held twice a month, 12:00-13:00, at BMC, floor I13, room I1345. This is your chance to hear about the research happening in the MultiPark research environment, as well as to socialize after the presentations.

Schedule Autumn 2022

  • 5 October
    Efrain Cepeda - "3D cultures of human induced GABAergic interneurons transplanted into the mouse brain"

    Yiyi Yang - "Decipher the detrimental phenotype of myeloid cells in Alzheimer's disease"

    Edoardo Sozzi - "A new human brain organoid model based on silk scaffold"
  • 19 October
    Martino Avallone - 

    Khazar Ahmadi - "Disentangling fiber-specific white matter alterations in relation to hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease"

    Dev Thacker -
  • 2 November
    Claudia Cicognola - 

    Jessica Giacomini - 

    Jing Hu - "GM1 micelles affect amyloid beta aggregation by co-assembly"
  • 30 November
    Radhika Thakore - 

    Christina-Anastasia Stamouli - 

    Alrik Schörling - 


Students listening to a talk. Photo.