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About MultiPark

MultiPark (Multidisciplinary research focused on Parkinson´s disease) is a strategic research area (SRA) supported by the Swedish Government. Through a comprehensive scientific programme we aim at unraveling basic disease mechanisms, improving diagnostic precision, and developing efficient methods of treatment and care for people affected by neurodegenerative diseases. Building on a tradition of excellence in dopamine research at Lund University, the MultiPark programme was originally focused on Parkinson’s disease. Our research programme has gradually expanded to incorporate Alzheimer´s disease, Huntington´s disease, and neurodegeneration secondary to brain trauma and stroke.

Building on cutting-edge research on neurodegenerative diseases at LU, our vision is to create an innovative environment for the development of translational science in this important medical area. Our network includes over 40 research groups conducting basic experimental studies, evaluating diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and examining the impact of disease features and therapeutic interventions on the patients´ everyday life and societal participation. The MultiPark programme relies on solid interactions between Lund University and Skåne University Hospital, with support from the University of Gothenburg.

Our researchers want to find new treatments and achieve results that can benefit society at large. Several drugs are currently available for the treatment of our diseases of interest, but their efficacy often diminishes with time, while debilitating treatment-induced complications may develop. Most importantly, current therapies have not been shown to slow or halt the progression of disease. Hence, new treatments are needed to address unmet medical needs and to slow or stop the course of neurodegeneration.

A complete version of our strategic programme for the period 2020-2025 can be downloaded here. Our main scientific goals are: (1) to understand the origins and progression of neurodegenerative disease; (2) To develop early and differential diagnostics and prognostics; (3) To create new therapeutic approaches for prevention, disease modification and management of unmet medical needs.



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