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The 2024 Minerva Leadership Award: "Good academic leadership will... increase future success"

Photo of Maria Björkqvist, Njainday Jobe, the Prize recipent Laura Wisse, Anders Rasmussen.
Maria Björkqvist, Dean, Njainday Jobe, affiliated, the Prize recipent Laura Wisse, Associate Professor, Anders Rasmussen, Associate Professor.

Future Faculty has awarded the 2024 Minerva Award to Laura Wisse, Associate Professor.

Congrats to the Minerva Leadership Award, Laura Wisse, Associate Professor and PI!
"Thank you, I feel very honored to receive the award as a relatively young PI and will try my best to live up to this prize in the future,  to honor good academic leadership."

What do you think is a good leader?
"In my opinion, a good leader is someone who gives trainees/group members space to become independent and to develop themselves, who helps trainees/group members to strategically plan their career and work on challenges that could become a hurdle and that acts as a role model and gives space and attention to stress and personal issues."

Why are good leaders important for students´ learning?
"Good academic leadership will create a safe and pleasant work environment which will ultimately increase work satisfaction, promote productivity and increase future success."

Why do you think you received the award: i.e., what are your strengths as a leader?
"I am very involved in my trainees' careers and I aim to create a stress-free work environment. I am also very strategic and have a good eye for career planning. Finally, I try to be a role model and use my position in executive committees to increase inclusivity in science and improve gender equality."

Future Faculty has awarded the 2024 Minerva Award to Dr Laura Wisse, Associate Professor of Diagnostic Radiology at the Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund. The Minerva award selection committee's motivation for the choice is:

“Laura manages to do cutting edge research while uplifting everyone around her. Her students shared stories of how she would encourage them to attend conferences, build their network through contacts and work closely with them to solve problems. I believe integrity goes beyond what we do on paper and encompasses the dignity with which we treat those we work with, especially our junior colleagues. I Laura I see a not only a star, but a bright torch that sets alight the torch of curiosity in students and encourages them to grow and follow their dreams.Her embodiment of the core values promoted by the Minerva Leadership Award - honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage - is truly remarkable”.

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