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LU Neuroscience Graduate School

Mission and Goals for LU Neuroscience Graduate School

The graduate school offers tailored courses and seminars aimed at preclinical, health science, and clinical graduate students and post-doctoral fellows that are focusing on different aspects of neuroscience in their research. The multidisciplinary research encompasses cell and animal models, health sciences, clinical research, nanotechnology, physics, imaging, computational sciences, etc. The graduate school will develop and provide graduate courses supplying the generation of knowledge, theories and methods connected with the neuroscience research at LU. Regular seminars serve to create a forum for translational discussions and for interdisciplinary collaborative research in neuroscience. Young researchers are encouraged to participate in workshops and courses that both reinforce their scientific competence as well as improve and nurture leadership and project management skills for the next generation of leaders in the field of neuroscience.

For more information about the graduate school and our current and upcoming activities, please contact the Study Coordinator 
Tomas [dot] Deierborg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

To enroll in the graduate school please send an email to Diana [dot] Jerman [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se and state your name, group affiliation and whether you are a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow. 

Neuroscience Graduate School Seminar Series

The Neuroscience Graduate School Seminar Series are held twice a month, between 12:00-13:00, room I1345, BMC. This is your chance to hear about the research happening in the MultiPark and Bagadilico research environments, as well as to socialize after the presentations.

Upcoming seminars 2019

Advanced Course in Neuroscience

Lund University Neuroscience Graduate School offers an advanced course in Neuroscience with the aim to recruit highly motivated students with an interest in neuroscience. The course gives an overview of the present neuroscience research in Lund and provides practical research experience. The course is given with the intention of preparing students to be competitive and well prepared for upcoming PhD positions within neuroscience.

The Advanced Course in Neuroscience

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Study Coordinator - Tomas Deierborg
Email: Tomas [dot] Deierborg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Administrator - Diana Jerman
Email: Diana [dot] Jerman [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se


  • Tomas Deierborg, Study Coordinator
  • Håkan Widner, member
  • Maria Björkqvist, member
  • Martina Svensson, member
  • Mia H Nilsson, member

Lund University 
Sölvegatan 19
SE-221 84 Lund