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Functional Validation

Validation of presumed mechanisms of action of drug candidates using multiple methods. Functional analyses are performed at the following levels: (i) cellular calcium imaging, neuronal survival and protein aggregation assays; (ii) behavioral tests in rodents; (iii) classical biochemistry methods and MS imaging.

For advanced mechanistic and functional studies of drug effects, novel state-of-the-art platforms have recently been established, such large-scale chronic electrophysiological recordings from multiple regions of the rodent brain. With this approach, it is possible to obtain information on brain connectivity and pathological network oscillations closely linked with disorders of movement and cognition. This advanced technology as well as Intrinsic Optical Signalling (IOS) imaging are now well-established  and can be accessed by Multipark investigators. Additional platforms include microPET and MRI methods (available via LBIC).

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