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Small Molecule Screening Platform

With support from MultiPark, EXODIAB, StemTherapy, BioCare, MoReLife and CREATE Health, an infrastructure to facilitate screening of small molecules at Lund University has been established. The screening infrastructure comprises liquid handling robotic (Agilent Bravo), plate stacker (Agilent BenchCel), sealer of microtiter plate (PlateLoc) and liquid dispenser (Thermo Multidrop Combi).

The system is adapted for 96 and 384 well format microtiter plates. The library contains molecules with known biological activities, powerful tools to identify novel mechanisms and pathways, several of the molecules are approved drugs or molecules that have been in the clinic, which might facilitate translation of early discoveries to human studies.

In addition, non-targeted biased commercial compounds, academic compounds, and macromolecules outside the traditional drug-like properties are included in the compound library. The screening infrastructure is set-up to collaborate with the national Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden.

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