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Neuroscience Graduate School Seminar Series

The Neuroscience graduate school seminars are held twice a month, 12:00-13:00, room I1345 at the Biomedical center (BMC). This is your chance to hear about the research happening in the MultiPark research environment, as well as to socialize after the presentations.

Students listening to a talk

Schedule Spring 2020

12 February
David Berron - "Anterior hippocampal atrophy partially mediates the effects of transentorhinal tau pathology on memory impairment in cognitively unimpaired individuals"

11 March
Katarzyna Makasewicz"Binding of alpha synuclein to model membranes in molecular detail"
Karolina Pircs - "Modelling autophagy impairments in Huntington’s disease using directly reprogrammed patient-derived neurons"

22 April - CANCELLED
Agnes Paulus
Marc Isaksson

Caroline Haikal
Alessandro Fiorenzano

20 May - via Zoom 
Laura Andreoli - "Role of indirect pathway D2 receptors in L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia"   

3 June - via Zoom
Srisaiyini Kidnapillai - "Direct reprogramming glial cells into interneurons in the mouse brain"
Rebecca Frankel - "Lipid-protein co-assembly in HDL particles and amyloid fibrils

17 June - via Zoom
Marta Ramos - "Cerebrospinal fluid transport in a rodent model of Multiple sclerosis”
Laura Torres Garcia - "Amyloid-β, Tau and α -Synuclein, a tangled interaction in neurodegeneration"

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